Holscher Farms, Inc.

& Jude Holscher


Production Agriculture

Full-service, year-round farm and soil and ​water resource management


Expertise in production agriculture, ​environmental and agricultural research, ​and digital product development

Field Research & Trials

Field plot management for academic ​research, regulatory studies, and product ​trials

Drainage & Excavation

Design and installation of surface and ​subsurface field drainage solutions

Specialty Crops

Pursuing further expansion into niche and ​specialty crop markets


We are currently pursuing growth opportunities in Crawford County and ​surrounding areas. If you are interested in discussing a potential land sale or lease ​with us, please contact Jude at (618) 562-1132.

We believe in treating landowners like family and rented acres like our own. Our ​goals include maximizing the profitability of each acre while increasing the ​productivity of the land, reducing erosion, and improving drainage infrastructure.

We utilize precision planting, innovative and responsible fertilization techniques, ​in-house chemical applications, cover cropping, and no-till practices.

Specialty Crops

We currently grow seed beans, white corn, yellow corn, soybeans, winter wheat, ​and various cover crops and are looking to expand into other markets. If you have ​a niche or specialty crop opportunity you would like to discuss, please contact ​Jude at (618) 562-1132.

Crawford County has a humid continental climate with 40-45 inches of annual ​precipitation on average (including 11 inches of snow). We have warm, humid ​summers and cold winters, with temperatures often below freezing.

About Us

Don and Jude Holscher manage a farming operation ​in Crawford County, Illinois, with the support of their ​families.

Don grew up on a family farm outside of Vincennes, ​Indiana, attended Purdue University, and has been ​farming in Crawford County for 50 years, first with ​two of his brothers, Dave and Bob, and more ​recently with his two sons, Jude and Ethan.

Jude grew up in Palestine, Illinois, and attended the ​University of Illinois for undergraduate engineering ​and a masters degree studying land and water ​resources. Jude has been employed in the farming ​industry locally and professionally for 15 years. He ​also volunteers as a board member for the Crawford ​County Soil and Water Conservation District and ​Farm Bureau.

The father/son pair are passionate about farming ​with responsible practices such as cover cropping, ​no-till, and the 4Rs of fertility (right rate, right time, ​right placement and right fertilizer source).

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